Monday, March 1, 2010

Well hello there!

Are you on this website because you got a "save the date" from us? Were you expecting to see content on this website? Well you have another think coming!

That's not entirely true. You can scroll down for an entry on the hotels we're recommending, and a post about how a fight almost broke out (between me and a little kid!) at our save the date photo shoot.

And if you like fights and recommendations, keep checking back periodically! We'll be bringing you updates about the wedding, maps, restaurant and bar recommendations, sites to see, and random facts about zoning improvement codes, until that magical day!

What magical day? Dude, seriously, the blog is called FIFTH OF JUNE 2010 for a reason.


  1. Needs more SEO. And Social Media Innovations. But I like how the main message is contained inside the domain prefix. That's efficient!

  2. Rachel and Steve--we are happy to hear this news. Lynn and Bob